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Yesterday, V and I went to our high school friend’s funeral. the place was packed with people from his religious community. They had to open up another room so the guests could fit in. Those people did this japanese buddhism chanting which I didn’t understand at all. But they did it non stop like for almost 2 hours or at least it felt like it. Those people were really there for him and even though I didn’t understand the chanting, it was so powerful and the vibes made me shiver.

I whispered to V, “Hey, are you that kind of person who belonged in a religious community?” She shrugged and said, “Well, I sometimes go to church but I only know some faces. Are you?” I told her, “You know how I feel about people and communities.”

There was a silent between us for a while and V said, “Then our funeral won’t be like this.”

We completely understood that this was not an appropriate conversation to have in someone’s funeral. But the fact that she got my point has proven that I can leave my funeral/cremation details to her. It struck me that I am the one who do this kind of stuff in my family. Like arranging trips or family dinners. If I ever gonna leave this world before anyone in the family, who will be able to arrange the things? My parents would be too busy, my younger sister and bro will be clueless, the Guy? Well, I’m just gonna picture him to be too devastated to do anything.

So, V it is. She was my maid of honor. She was the witness in my solemnization. I’m sure she’ll be able to do this assignment too.

As for Andy, since you’ve finished your karmic duties in this lifetime, may your soul be born into a better form of life.


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