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Sometimes when we talk about what we wanted to be when we were kids, the Guy always told me that his biggest dream is to be a racer, may it be F1 or MotoGP. He always wished that he would have the chance to sit behind the steering wheel and feel the speed that sort of thing. I once asked him, if our kids shared the same passion with him and had the opportunity to be one (we do realize that we need to be filthy rich in order to accommodate that), would he allow him/her to race? Because I wouldn’t. Adrenaline isn’t really my thing, that is why I can’t enjoy watching the race.

He told me that, if the kids are really into it and we have enough dough to support them, why not?

Yesterday, I watched my first MotoGP race because he wanted me to watch it with him. Yesterday I saw how Simoncelli crashed and pronounced dead. I didn’t even know this guy before my husband gave me a 5 minutes facts about the racers and I watched how he died.

At that moment, I wanted to re-ask him the question, wondering if he’d still have the same opinion like he did. But he was just too bummed and couldn’t stop talking about Simoncelli. The only words of consolation I could provide was the classic ‘only the good die young’. But the universe was kind to me later that night, with 1 6 match of Man. City and Man Utd, I didn’t have much cheering up to do.

I guess I’ll ask him later.



  1. I’m not a motoGP fan or any kind of race or whatever. The first time I heard that name, Marco Simoncelli, was that day. But it was indeed very sad to hear the news. I read the story too.. It was sad :( And also annoying when ppl starts blaming other riders too… :(

  2. Yes, it’s really sad how people blame other riders for that. :( Edwards and Rossi must have felt really terrible. Scratch that, I really can’t imagine how would they feel after that. :(

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