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I’m kinda nervous about this. Although they assured me that I’m gonna be fine but still. Well, it’s just gonna be a check up to confirm the previous docs. It’s not like I’m gonna have any procedure in this trip. Plus there’s this mix up that required an extra day while I’ve finished dealing with the tickets and hotel thing. Zzzz…

A part of me is glad that the Guy is going with me, but another part of me wants to handle this on my own. You see, I’ve always been doing this kind of thing on my own. When a family member is sick, you can see me going to the doc with them, but when I’m sick, I usually drag my own ass to the doc. Two days ago the Guy did go with me to the internist but yeah it still felt weird. We’ve been together for what 4 or 5 years but I only let him take me to doctors when I can’t drive and yesterday I could drive alright but he insisted that he wanted to go with me.

Anyway, this trip can be potentially emotional and I’m not sure if I can contain the emotional load of two people. I’m just hoping that it won’t be anything that is too overwhelming.

Leaving on Sunday. Not really the kind of first anniversary trip I was hoping for but oh well. Many more years to come. Woohoo.



  1. wat hapen aya naon ste? Hope you are ok..

  2. hope everything’s fine, dear *hugs and more hugs~~

  3. everything is going to be ok darling!! support group is here :)

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