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turns out that I’m having a growing tumor on my right parotid.

You know in the movies, where one get sick and still is the tough one? I’m trying to play that role. The Guy is obviously emotional about it. My dad is still away so I don’t know his reaction yet. I haven’t called back my extended family. I haven’t told the in-laws. I just wish I have enough strength to contain the emotions.

Have made an appointment for the surgery. From what the doc said, it will come with risks. Which I don’t wanna discuss here. For now I have to be in healthy and stable condition. Can’t get stressed, can’t get sick, can’t take any drugs or medication. Yada yada yada.

Bitch please, bro-in-law’s wedding is next weekend. The in-laws are flying in this Sunday. You think I’m gonna be all zen? Plus the Guy told me not to go kick boxing during this period. Any venting out idea besides maxing out my credit cards? Because I maxed em all out last two nights in the hospital.

Back to replying calls from relatives. Ciao.



  1. *hugs*
    I hope everything will turn out well… it will turn out well, sweetie ;)

  2. You do know that I’m always here whenever, right? Hang in there and remember that we love and will always pray for you *hugs*

    Again, am always just a PING away.

  3. hugs, Ste… we’ll be wishing hard for you :*

  4. we’re all one ping away =)
    sending hugs and prayer for you!

  5. *hugs cicipo*

  6. *peluk ste*

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