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The surgery is happening in 8 days time. The one thing that scares me most is the general anaesthesia. I can’t remember where I heard it or whom I heard it from but they said, once you went in a fully unconscious mode, you might wake up as a different person. So, I’m writing this note because in case I might seem odd or not feeling like myself, I can always take a look at this note and it will remind me of things I wanna do. So, here goes.

After the operation I would.
1. Drink 3 liters of water every day.
2. Go easy on instant food.
3. Exercise 3x a week.
4. Write about Olive diligently.
5. Tidy up my books and action figures collection.
6. Sort my clothes by colors.
7. Stop writing suicide scenes in my head.
8. Spend less hours in front of the computer.
9. Learn how to put on fake eyelashes.
10. Organize my pictures in their respective folders.
11. Get XBox updated and buy Kinect.
12. Start up my CAT collection.
13. Cross out ‘being sad’ from the hobby list.
14. Kiss my husband every day.
15. Catch up with families and friends.
16. Smiles to strangers
17. Have Babies.
18. Get a furry cat and a big dog.
19. Be Happy.
20. Live.


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