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Someone told me that virgo is the OCD-est sign of the zodiac. I’m a virgo and I don’t think I have OCD. No, packing neatly, making itinerary and plan out menus for 30 days ain’t what you call OCD. They have a term for it, it’s called organized.

As we all know (or not), OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The thing with disorder is that, it’s not really braggable. Or so I thought. Apparently lately people have proudly self-proclaimed that they have OCD. Maybe the misuse of the term is like when people use autistic to refer to someone who glued to their gadgets. There was a rage over the net discussing this topic. I’m not gonna discuss it here though.

Anyway, I’m not particularly neat and organized for a virgo. But some people near me have been pointing that some of my behaviors is borderline obsessive. Haha. Personally, I think it’s just some of my quirks. Why don’t you decide if it’s quirks or being obsessive. Here goes the list:

1.I hate touching anything in Soekarno – Hatta’s Airport, Jakarta. Especially there. Every time I arrived at the airport I feel all the germs every where. I wouldn’t touch the trolley handles, the door handles, basically anything there.

2. When I hand people stuff or when they hand me stuff, I feel really really really uncomfortable if their hands touch mine. Every it happen I would rub my hand really hard on tissue before I have a chance to wash it. If I can wash it right away, the crankiness will exist only for 10 – 15 minutes. If not, I’ll give you hell. Even thinking and writing of this makes me wanna wash my hand and go showering.

3. I don’t like to see body parts out of the car/train windows. May it be head, hand, foot whatever. You know, like when you wave but your hand is outta window? Or when you rest your arm with the window rolled down, angkot driver style? Crankiness level is maximum.

4. I use awful lot of tissue when I go to the plane’s toilet. I use tissue to open the door. I use tissue to cover the toilet seat. I use tissue to press the flush button. I use tissue to wipe the tap before I wash my hands. I use tissue to wipe my hands. I use tissue to wipe the door lock and handle. I use tissue to open the door and get out. Awful lot of tissue paper.

5 I hate it when I can’t sort the trash. I hate places where they only have one common trash can, where the dry and wet trash aren’t separated. I’m not that diligent on the recycling part but I try to separate my trashes at home. If I can’t throw it, I’d put them in my bag and I’d separate them at home.

6. I have having stains on my shirt, even if it’s not visible to human eyes. I’ve been working on this because carrying extra clothes is too heavy. Now, I would just try to wash it. If it won’t come off, I’d cover it with jacket or something.

7. Like I said before, I don’t like having someone on my left side. But I’ve been working on that too. It still feels uncomfortable sometimes, you know like in the middle of a meeting suddenly my mind would tell me, “There’s a guy on your left side.” and my body itches, I start to hyperventilate a bit, but yeah I’ve been working on that too.

8.Every time I hear dangdut song. I get itchy, I’d start to scratch every where. It was to the level where I had to shower. Nowadays, I still get the itch and rash but washing hands is enough to calm me down.

Yeap, definitely not OCD.


  1. can i walk on your left side? boleeeh dong bole ya boleeeh *coel2 ste*

  2. btw gue juga virgo tapi gue gak OCD, cuma emang rapih banget aja. itu juga karena didikan nyokap yg militer gilak. kakek gue sik ocd yah tapi dia bukan virgo. jadi gimana dong nih ste? (apaan sik kok curhat hahahahaha)

  3. iya ma

    :)) you can walk on my left. :D

  4. cicipo, lo pas gw salamin sama cipika-cipiki nggak demen ya cik? :|
    *jadi gak enak sendiri*

    • Aku sebenarnya suka tp aku malu jd suka awkward. Dr kecil kurang physical affection soalnya haha. Nanti peluk2 aku lg ya kalo ketemu :-*

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