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– Long awaited Calvin and Hobbes complete set is finally here. They are so heavy, no wonder the shipping alone cost me IDR 400K. Totally worth it.

– Wondershoe’s foldies in Nude. Gotta love this thing. Will definitely carry it everywhere. I should buy more colors! Check their website at I got all my flats from Wondershoe. They are the kind of flat shoes you wanna wear around the world because they are really comfortable. Love love love.

– National Geographic Midi Satchel. I didn’t know why I’ve been putting off buying this bag. This bag is awesome. Oktagon processed and delivered my order in less than 24 hours. Thumbs up.

– iPad 2 from Mum. She actually offered me this on my birthday a couple of months ago, but I refused because I thought I didn’t need it yet. Okay, I wanted it but only because I wanna read One Piece comic, pretty shallow no? Anyway, my Mum got me this so I won’t get bored when I’m in the hospital next week. Can’t wait to download the comics. I stopped reading One Piece in the chapter where they were trying to rescue Ace, it’s like prehistoric right? Haha.

I hope my good luck will still be flowing in. Or at least for the operation. I’m happy and content for now.



  1. mengutip lagu nya samantha ronson,

    “if its gonna rain then let it rain…”


    • It’s raining men, hallelujah!

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