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I tried to write an interesting post about how the surgery but I couldn’t. I’m too worried about my swollen face where they cut it. The nurse told me that it was normal but the condirion where I can’t contour my cheek and jaw bones should not be categorized as normal. I look like I have gained 10 pounds alone on my face.

Anyway, the surgery took 5 hours, 2 hours longer than they anticipated. I’m sorry if I had driven some people mad during the waiting period. I had morphine for the first time and I won’t opt for it anymore. I got discharged but gotta go back to clinic on Tuesday. It hurts so bad when I sneeze and yawn. I’m still on painkillers and antibiotics, they make me lose my hair and I’m also convinced thst it makes my brain works slower. I don’t know when I can wash my hair. I can’t eat sour and spicy food. The Guy is being as helpful as he could be.

I can’t even go two paragraphs back to check my grammar and spelling.

I’m not complaining. I’m really thankful being where I am now. I still do question whether I deserve this much love but you guys told me that I do. So I’m just gonna soaked it up for now. I still don’t know where we will back to Jakarta, but I do hope it’s gonna be soon. Because I’m heading Perth and Melbourne before my OZ visa expired on Dec 31st. Woohoo!

And as the title said, I’m really thankful for all the best wishes and prayers from all of you. I couldn’t have made it without you, loved ones! Hugs and kisses. Xoxo.



  1. *hugs *hugs *hugs

  2. yeaaayy operesyen sakses nih yahhh :) cant wait ste cant wait!! #sikap #apasik

  3. Yeayyyy, you’re back to write, that’s one good sign ;)
    Hope you’ll have speedy recovery, cutie pie, faster than you can notice.
    *sending you hugs*

  4. Alhamdulillah, oprasinya lancar. *hugs*
    Cepet sembuh ya cicipo, biar kita bisa main-main lagi. *kiss*

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