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After the discussion with mawi (still not linking her blog), we decided that it’s better to travel there on february. So even tho I miss her like hell, I gotta postpone the plan of leaving the country. I proposed to have a quiet week at Bali by myself but the Guy didn’t let me go. He suggested me to go somewhere where my friends live so someone can keep an eye on me.

I still have approximately 10 days as a house prisoner. But I think I’m gonna ask the driver to pick me up tomorrow. Gotta watch Breaking Dawn when it’s still airing.

And I want a good aglio olio with scallops so bad. I doubt that I can find it in the vicinity but I don’t think I will risk going to the city and meet people. The cut and the swelling is still so bad. I took a good look at the stitches for the first time yesterday and it was not a pleasant sight. It was like seeing Frankenstein’s Bride looking back at me from the mirror. Especially since I had no make up on because it’s painful to touch the face.

Now I’m questioning if I should go out tomorrow. Hmm..



  1. Hey, I hope you’re recovering swiftly & smoothly. If only we were in the same country, I’d be happy to make you some aglio olio with scallops ;) *hugs*

  2. :))) we have a brekkie date ya, choc-banana cake + coffee.. and bar hopping :D
    enjoy your rest k. just do a VS annual show back to back from errr.. 2001?? hahahahaha

  3. so no melbourne huh? *melengos pergi*

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