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Finally made a public appearance *gasp*. I had lunch with some friends earlier today, stopped by the office for 10 minutes and went to see Breaking Dawn just now. Yes of course my face is still swollen but I managed to get my hair washed and blow dried ala Zooey Deschanels (which totally failed me, and describing it will require me to write another post) before I made my first public appearance, so basically the half swollen face and 15 cm scar were disguised nicely.

Anyway, you might wanna stone me to death, but I actually enjoyed Breaking Dawn part 1. Stephanie Meyer had made the plot quite convenient so it’s a no brainer and perfect for my current brain condition. Plus I always enjoy the Cullen’s house and basically in this movie, it is where every thing happens. But the other thing that amazed me most was the ensemble of the movie-goers. You see, I kinda expected the theater would be full of teenage girls and young women their twenties *ehem*, prolly with their boyfriends or husbands who expected to get some, but tonight, it was weird. Beside us and some other couples, there was this young family with their 1 y.o son who kept crying, the mainland China people who kept giving commentary in Chinese where I couldn’t decide whether I was lucky because I understood every single comments or not, and last but not least, a teenage boy with his parents (I can’t find the logical explanation for this. I kept wondering if they also went to the first three installments together or not). The first two groups were just being totally moronic and insensitive to other people, but the last one was really mind boggling. I mean, there were scenes that would potentially cause major awkwardness when you watch it with your parents, but again, if you already watched the first three installments with them, I guess you’ve passed that stage.

Well, going out actually felt quite nice. But the stitches hurt quite bad with a lot of movement apparently, so I think I’ll cancel my plan tomorrow to get a massage and will stay home instead.

Still craving for a good scallop aglio olio.


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