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I’m not sure if living with the fear of god is easier than living with the fear of karma. Of course some of the religions taught that god isn’t something you should fear but I guess in the end it’s the same thing. It’s not god, it’s not the book of good and bad deeds, it’s (probably) not karma. It’s the consequences from our actions that we’re gonna face. No matter how many times I write and rewrite the pros and cons list in my head, it just doesn’t compute. It doesn’t give me any result or answer, and I’m back to square one, hesitating, yet overwhelmed with temptation.

If you know it’s gonna stay forever on your hips, would you still bite that piece of chocolate cake?**

I am such a moron.

*title was taken from Jawbreaker’s Kiss the Bottle song.
** would the one bite worth the effort of exercising it away? Cause we girls know it might take the rest of our lives.

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  1. i believe in moderation :)

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