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It’s the week where I messed everything up. Both at home and work. I’ve tried everything I could to minimize the damage but it’s harder than I thought. Plus, I’ve been away for three weeks and along this major issue at work, I have other matters I have neglected. I feel like Pac-Man, chased by ghosts while trying to gobble all the pac-dots in a friggin maze.

9gag told me that,” Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” Chrisye said that, “Bad day pasti berlalu.”

Damn, I see no end to this, does it mean that it will never be okay?



  1. It means when its finally good, it will feel super awesome! Hang in there bestie *hugs*

  2. it’s just annoying when things aren’t at its proper place ya nek~~~ i feel you!
    hope everything’s gonna be fine soon

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