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Got a text this morning that kinda ruined my mood. Apparently Revlon decided to discontinue their Photoready Pressed Powder :( I ordered mine last month and they told me that they would try to find it in another counters but turned out that it has been discontinued.

You see, I’m not the kind of person who will go loco over make up products since the raw material is decent enough. *cough* (Okay, I can hear some vomitting), plus I think the cleaning up process is troublesome. I started putting them on after my mum got me a set from estee lauder as a wedding gift. My daily make up ritual usually consists of vitamin water, moisturizer, foundation, loose powder, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. I seriously can’t be bothered with those HD primers and other things. But I admit that I have too many liquid eyeliner because I always thought that I lost them so I go and buy a new one then found the old one.

Anyway, I am extremely sad because I can’t get the pressed powder anymore. The thing I like about this product is that it’s a loose powder being pressed so it’s easier to carry. I know I can just carry compact powder for touch up but I had my heart set on this one combined with big powder brush. Maximum coverage FTW. Plus it’s cheap. I don’t remember how much exactly but I guess it was less than 200K.

Well, I have to go to Sogo later to exchange it with other products. The thing is, Kiehl’s and Estee Lauder counters are there. With this skincare chats I’ve been having, I think it will be wise to leave my purse in the office. Agree? Smiw?



  1. ALWAYS leave your purse in the office. But carry your Credit Card(s) with you.. :P

    • kalo bawanya Amex cukup satu aja lah, smiw *bokek tapi gaya* hahahahaa

  2. not agree. estee beli ste beli, you wont regret it! *diucapkan oleh orang yg ngeye2 estee 3 minggu yang lalau*

    btw ste mau nitip disini? sapa tau masih ada..

    • naddd beli yg mana dulu nih kalo estee?
      *mulai panik liat kulit muka ancur ga jelas gara2 begadang terus* T_T

  3. oh there’s ste in estee.. jodoh itu jodoh!

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