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these past few months I learned that there are things you don’t get to buy with money. You can have the corner office with big windows, you can bust your ass off 12 hours a day or you can get foked up in an alphard for four hours each day. But no amount of money can buy you a peaceful mind.

after I was told that I’m gonna be responsible for the well being of so many people, I guess I haven’t been feeling so well myself. Sadly, when I refused to take the duty, I was told not to be so selfish.

I guess I have no choice then. Jocasta lied. Life isn’t about making choices.


  1. They said..

    at least it was in an Alphard and the office must have Air Conditioners.

    Well, I get what you mean. No amount of money can buy a peaceful mind.


  2. are they making you PD of the company now? wheww….
    indeed, peaceful mind is priceless……

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