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I never realized this until I heard it from Ajahn Brahm when I attended his talkshow ‘All is Well’ a week ago.  I know I’ve been talking about him excessively these days. But I find his hmm… tips of life has helped me a lot. At least it got me out of the so called depression I was experiencing a few months back.

These past few months I’ve tried to accept myself the way I am. I was told that it’s okay not be strive for perfection all the time. I was told that it is okay to make mistakes and forgive yourself after. I was told  to be happy if I want to make everybody else happy.

You know when I was being told about this, I rolled my eyes so hard, I swear they would fall out of my skull.

But then, I heard it again and again, and they got into me.

I forgave myself for the mistakes I have done, because it doesn’t matter if people have forgiven you but you haven’t. I start accepting my quirks, and I realized that even though I am not be likeable for most people, I actually kinda like myself.

And when I’m enjoying my own company, I don’t feel lonely anymore. I can’t even remember when was the last time I felt lonely.

The way we live these days makes us seek for attention so much and we forgot that happiness comes from within.

I wish you all happiness. :D


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  1. *hug ste*
    seneng baca ini :D

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