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Supposedly cruise log number 67483, but who’s keeping on track?
This is the last day of the cruise, I can’t believe that I have survived 4 days without the Internet. It had made me less whiny, cause people around me are a lot whinier, can’t compete with them.

Well, I learned one important lesson these four days, a VERY important lesson for you who got stuck travelling with a group of people that do MLM/insurance stuff. Remember ladies and gentlemen, I cannot emphasize on how important this is. Take a note, make a tattoo on your hand or whatever, just don’t forget about this.

The first rule of surviving:

Get yourself injected with admantium,

you know that wolverine thingy. Google it if you don’t. Tweet them or ask your friends.

These past days, I have got my toes crushed so bad, I can’t feel them anymore. i got my head and my nose elbowed several of time too. And these people just don’t realize it, even though I let out this enormous and extra dramatic “ouch”.

Yeah, I’m not their upline or anything, why should they bother.

That’s all from me. If you think you don’t need it because you’re already a part of them, well congrats, you must have developed some kind of immunity and it should be really useful.

My nose ain’t that fab to start with, probably no one would notice the different.

I’m out.


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