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So, walking in Jakarta means constant battle with uneven roads and motorcycle riders. I was listening to my iPod as I walked from STC to Energy building and halfway I decided that it’s too dangerous to have my attention divided when a motorcycle suddenly appeared heading my way. On the sidewalk. My first instinct at first was to kick it, but who was I to pick fight with the brainless motorcycle riders in Jakarta.

As I walked, I remember you. I remember that new year’s eve when we just had dinner with the other colleagues and they kinda forced you to take me home. Taipei was really cold that day. As usual we sat in silence. Talking was probably for you, or for me, but definitely not for us. You dropped me off at Xin-yi district, SCBD really reminds me of that area, and you said that you were gonna sleep through the new year because it was the year of the pig, that’s the right way to do it. I texted you that night, “Hey, the year of pig is gonna be official only after it hits Chinese New Year. But I still wish you can sleep like a pig throughout this year.” It sounded silly in Mandarin, but I can’t believe it sounds this bad in English.

Fast forward a year, I was miles away from you. Living a new life. It was new year’s eve and I didn’t know why I signed into msn and found you there. Again you said that you were going straight home after work and gonna sleep through the new year, because it was still the year of the pig.

I swear had I known it was gonna be our last conversation. I would’ve talked with you longer. Or probably not, because talking was still not for us.

A month later, it was Chinese new year. I told you that the year of the pig was officially over, so your days of becoming sleepyhead should be over too. You never replied my text before. Not that time too, so I never found out whether you managed to read my text before you died or not.

I still wonder about it sometimes.
Like today, when I walked alone.


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