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My work environment used to consist of uncertainties. Being a preschool teacher meant I was in for daily surprises. Probably the only kind of surprises I’ve ever enjoyed. I remember one day, it rained so hard and a blackout happened. My assistant was on leave that day, and I was left with fourteen 4 y.o kids. Some of them were highly if not hyper active, some of them were drama queens and the others were just 4 y.o. kids.

1 teacher + dark classroom + 14 toddlers + rain and thunders = ….

It might seem like the worst formulation you’ve ever seen, but it was one of the most memorable 15 minutes of my short teaching career. So I tied my hair up, gathered my kids on the mat and pretended that we were pirates in the middle of the storm.

The kids shouted louder when the lights were back on cause they didn’t want it to end. They were still talking about it days after and kept on begging me to do it again.

So, when I left that world, I started working as a finance staff in one of my parents’ companies. Everything is about numbers and numbers don’t lie. I should have felt safe with that kind of environment but after four years I still haven’t got used to it. And honestly, I really hate it when people ask me about my job because I’ve got nothing to tell them. I felt like I used to have a life and now, it’s just 3 hours of traffic jam and 8 hours of haziness. Monday to Saturday.

Hey future self, when you’re 35 and still living like this. Read this note and start living the life you want.


  1. and i hope you don’t have to wait until 35, darling :) all the best for you! stay happy! :*

  2. aku mau nangis bayangin main bajak lautnya ste… :D

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