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“But the dream of something unlikely has its own special name. We call it hope.”

The Orange Girl, Jostein Gaarder

Circumstances and surrounding had made me gave up on hope since a few years back. Until I read the book and the familiar jolt of feeling I’ve been missing was there again. The feeling of longing and yearning that leads to hope. I’ve tried so hard to settle that I had to remove hope from my system. Of course one or two times, relapses happened, but should I fully surrender now?

Can I start to hope again?

Anyway, ‘The Orange Girl’ was a good read. I finished it in one sitting because I couldn’t tear myself away from it. After reading it, instead of wanting to be someone’s orange girl (which is already unlikely to happen), what I want more is a father that would tell me stories about life. Well, perhaps in the next life, the perks of being a buddhist. Woohoo.

Thanks Joseph for the recommendation.


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