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In the colorful book covers you touch with your fingers.
In the stack of cds from your younger years.
In the hand that find your hand when you cross the road.
In the tongue that licks the mayo off your lips during dinner.
In every pat in the head that messes your hair.
In the shared smiles and laughter.
In the quiet whispers under the blanket.
In the exact same lyrics you both sing together from a random song.
In the unspoken understanding and comforting silence.
In the present moment, to the very second of it.



  1. simply sweet :)

  2. Reblogged this on Letters from Josephine and commented:
    My favorite favorite write up from Ste <3 She wrote the achingly beautiful "27 Days of Heartbreak" (go check 'em out in your nearest bookstores)

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