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I couldn’t believe that I’d survived yesterday but hey I did. One day after, living and breathing. Yesterday was the day when every possible thing went wrong. Like, the buckle of my favorite bag suddenly just fell down and broke. My favorite blazer got stuck into some sharp edged and torn. Got into a fight with mom. Got into a fight with the guy, resulting no concert permission for the mean time. Caught the flu virus. Hmm.. what else? 

Watched a dog died. 

The dog was getting blueish. The vet tried everything possible nothing worked. 

I still cried even after the owner took the body home. I cried when I drove home. I cried at home. I cried for like 6 hours non stop.  Talk about being overreacted. Tsk. 

Well, as they said, nothing is permanent. We let go of our old things to make room for the new ones. Mother nature does it too. 

Now, I want hugs, please. 



  1. “Talk about being overreacted. Tsk. ”
    cheer up!

  2. *hug*

  3. hug hug hug!

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