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I guess once you enter real life, you won’t have time to feel suicidal. Well, from time to time, I still think of that, but those thought are usually followed with a checklist of what to be done before I commit suicide, and since it’s friggin long, usually I fall asleep before I could finish it and proceed to my ideal suicide scene.

I’m taking a two weeks leave starting next Wednesday, and work is just crazy nowadays. I can barely remember what I’ve done in these past two weeks except work and Talisa getting naked. Things at home also decide to get on my nerve. The air-conditioner and the water pump aren’t working properly, and guess what? I’ve been driving Grover for these past three weeks even though the brake ain’t working properly. So friggin hardcore. Haven’t got the time to take him to the shop. Haven’t got the time to call the handyman to fix the broken things at home. And so on.

This is why when I’m bloody rich one day, I’m gonna get myself a butler. It seems to be a better investment, compared to marriage. Can we get an amen, hubby?


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