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In your life, you’re bound to stumble to some records that would change your life. Like, Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t it be Nice” and “God Only Knows” made me married this guy I call my husband, or Oasis’ “All Around the World” that made me survived high school. 

I didn’t expect anything when Joseph handed me Pet Shop Boys’ Pop Art. I’ve heard some of their songs before I guess. We listened to a few songs together and they just grew on me. The first track we listened to was “Suburbia”

Dude, it was crazily good. It’s just it is, without any intention to be pretentious. I still moan when I hear it plays. 

When I had the first chance to listen to the whole album on my own, I found tears streaming down my face on some tracks. and there were a lot of moment where I was like, “Where the fuck have you been, Stella? Why only now?” I mean I like GE a lot but I never realized they took their songs from PSB. Argh.

I don’t know how life changing this album will be. But I’m glad it has found its way to me. It’s amazing how the universe speaks to you. 

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  1. hooray

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