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Crossed some things out of my bucket list this month. The most important one was of course meeting Marisa. 3 days were really too short. Even my mum agrees, she just told me to find some promo ticket to see Marisa again. She does have that effect on mothers. 

Well, to this day, I still feel like ringing Marisa for flat white and banana bread (not at the same time, lethal combo) or for roast duck noodle in Chinatown, or to try that new bubble tea place because I am such a bubble tea snob. *ehem*  We chatted so late last night discussing boysband phenomena from the late 80s and early 90s. It is my fault that she still listens to shallow music cause we forgot to sync our iPods. I’m truly sorry for that, and to make it up to her, I promised her a  boysband karaoke session when she comes back to Jakarta. Shallow much? Point Break says hi.

Like I said before, people meet weirdos on the Internet. I do too, but I met ones with the same wavelength and it’s all good. Weirdos with common weirdness flock together, well even ones with different weirdness do too. I’m pretty sure I met the best ones still. 



  1. if you’re looking for a freaky time, freaky time baby.. you can always count on me.. yeaaaaa *lalu orkestra bersaut2an di belakang*

    awwww ste. this is one sweet post :’) come back soon, come back!!!

  2. and i am left with envy.

    and yes, she DOES have that effect on mothers. mine included. HARGH.

    we should go to Perth together. with babypinim and ayahpinim. seriously.

    • Hahahha i love both of yer moms lahh., makanya ayo pd rombongan dong #VisitPerth2013 yukkk baby pinim diajak skalian yaaa

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