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Being extremely workaholic and busy, my sister and I decided to give our mom a spa package as mother’s day gift. We chose Harnn and Thann Arcadia Senayan because it’s just next to our office and it seemed credible when we visited there to purchase the voucher. We chose a 210 minutes package called Spa Indulgence, because we it was the most complete package and our mom could use some indulgence.

So we dropped her there last Wednesday, she made a 2 pm appointment. With my elementary kid math skill, I told her that if the treatment was gonna 210 minutes, I was gonna pick her up after 5.

Do you have any idea how my heart sunk when she texted me at 430ish, telling me to pick her up now because she just passed out?

So, the 210 minutes treatment basically ended at 430ish. Mum told me that she started feeling dizzy when they left her in the steam bath. She managed to crawl out, and fell down in front of the room. And guess what, approximately when she woke up 30 minutes later, she was still alone there and no one had found her. Imagine if she couldn’t get herself out.

After regaining her consciousness, she went back to the locker room, dressed up and asked to be picked, and guess what, she still didn’t see anyone until she went out to the reception area and found the masseuse already waiting at the cashier. :|

I’m just bummed that instead of getting her relaxation time, she got all of those things instead. We got yelled by dad also because of this. Well, I hope no one got any bad experience in Harnn and Thann, Senayan like my mum did. She told me that she ain’t going to spa anymore because of this.



  1. :( i am so sorry to hear this.

  2. omg, their website looks very nice, i almost get their voucher for a friend’s gift!! did your mom file any complaint to the management? you should for the sake of other (possible) customers. or maybe post something at Kompas suara pembaca ? oh dear, hope your mom is alright :(

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