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I cleaned the house today. The entire house. I swept and mopped the house. I wiped the kitchen counters and tables. I washed and changed the sheets. I even vacuumed the couch and carpet.

Guess what I found?

I found that missing puzzle piece of that puzzle we did before. The one with a picture of a black dog with white background. The one I got last christmas from my secret santa.

Remember how we spent 2 weeks working on it and realized that we’ve lost a piece. We got so upset and I decided to toss the whole thing to the bin. You even considered to burn it.

I found that missing piece today, and I thought, is this what had happened with us? We lost a piece somewhere from our puzzle and it looked ugly and we just decided to just throw everything away?

Will we find the missing piece if we had tried to look harder?

But I guess it was really the end for us. Because falling out love happens when you stop making efforts. And we did. We’ve stopped making efforts. With the puzzle back then and with this relationship now.

So, I burnt that one last piece.

– Me

Note: again, this is purely fiction and has nothing to do with my current life

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