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We all have pretty much the same reaction when our favorite bands announce that they are going on tour, especially when we see that our cities on the tour list. We probably would let out our loudest, “Yes!”, retweet the news and mention everyone who would be as ecstatic as us. Strangely, when I read the news that The Beach Boys were reunited and would go on a tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary, I dropped my phone and cried.

Okay, let’s redo this.


Come on, how could you not cry?

Anyway, setting the euphoria aside there were still things I needed to consider. First of all, the price of the ticket. Considering they are touring in a large group, I had prepared myself for this. Even though I might have to sell one of my kidneys, I’d still go. But luckily, The SGD175 to SGD325 price range was something I could and would afford. Now, the next problem is the ticket and the accommodation. Unfortunately, August 22nd was just a few days after Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr and it’s very common for Indonesians to go on short vacation and Singapore is one of favorite destinations. Long story short, after checking for the plane tickets and hotel fares, selling a kidney might not be a bad idea. The third problem was that my passport was expiring soon, it meant I needed to spend another amount of money to have it renewed.

I realized that I was financially challenged at that moment but it took me only seconds to key in my credit card CVV number. Galaxy Note made it so much easier to do things on the spot, because the plane tickets price was rising by minutes! In case you are wondering, I still have both of my kidneys because my performance bonus from work came just in time. You might call it serendipity but to this day I still believe that it was meant to be.

After what seemed to be forever, the day finally arrived. I was quite lucky that I had some amazing travel companions. Even though we came from different circles of friendship, they were as ecstatic as I was. We flew on the same flight. We stayed at the same hostel. But the most important thing was that we were there for the same reason, to see The Beach Boys live on stage. But guess what? Sadly. we were all clueless about Singapore. You know that thing they told you about Singapore’s MRT and how you would not got lost? Fact is, there are some places that requires you to hop on a bus with certain numbers after you got out of a certain MRT station. I’ve never read maps because I don’t know how to hold them in the correct position. But one of my friends pointed out that it was probably a good timing to check the Google Maps feature on the Note, so we did and not only we managed to find the address we were looking for, we were so amazed with it and we ended up searching random address just to see how it worked.

We Shall Not Get Lost

You know, if somebody told me last year that I was gonna see The Beach Boys live on stage, I’d probably snort on their faces. Even when I reached the venue it still felt surreal. I was wondering if I had died early and went straight to heaven. I looked around and couldn’t help smiling because it was the most heartwarming concert crowd I had ever seen. Grandpas and grandmas with their children and grandchildren. Some couples that probably had watched The Beach Boys live too back in the sixties. People in the same age group as us who might have grown up listening to these legends. Not only that they made the effort to be here, they also made an extra effort by wearing beach shirts and striped shirts! We couldn’t hold back our tears when we saw an old man in his wheelchair. Even though he was on his own, you could really see that he was so excited and nothing could stop him.

Way To Go, Granpa!

Must Pose In Front of Merchandise Booth!

I can still remember the chills I felt when the lights in the stadium went dark and the intro of “Do It Again”. The audience roared in unison as they call the boys out one by one David Marks, Bruce Johston, Al Jardine, Mike Love, and finally The Brian Wilson himself! Track by track went smoothly and at the end of the 6th track, the music went off and Mike Love said, “The next song is dedicated for all the lovely ladies.” in the most charming way. Next thing we heard was that familiar intro of “Surfer Girl”. I couldn’t imagine how many people among the audience who were in tears that moment. I knew I was and I knew my friends were. The first session of the concert went pretty fast. We got about 20 minutes break before the second session. It was much needed by The Boys because they still performed incredibly great after all these years. They could still hit the high pitch. The harmony was still impeccable. And they even interacted well with the audiences. We were also impresssd with the quality of the sound system. It was loud enough yet still so soft to the ears. The Wondermints played really well too. 28 flawless songs went by and we were eager to see more.


The second session started with one of my favorite tracks, “Pet Sounds”. The second session of the concert was filled with their greatest hits. The all time favorite, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (which was also my wedding song!), followed by “In My Room”, “God Only Knows” (We miss you, Carl!) followed by “Good Vibrations” and other upbeat tunes that made some of the audiences stood up and did some swing dance like “Help Me, Rhonda” and ” Do You Wanna Dance.” Even The Boys got on their feet and dance too. The Beach Boys also played their new single, “That’s Why God Made The Radio”.
Did you know what they played 49 songs that night? When was the last time you went to a concert and the band played 49 songs? There were so many touching moments that night but I’ve got to say that the most heartfelt moment for me was when Brian Wilson as lead vocal, sang “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.” There was something magical about the way that blue stage light hit Brian Wilson and how you could see his face, full of wrinkles that tell their own stories. The stage felt magical that night, I believe that Carl and Dennis Wilson were there too performing with them.

Do You Wanna Dance?

Summer ended with the concert. Three songs on the encore and finally it was time to say goodbye. It really felt like a goodbye because The 50th Anniversary Celebration Tour seemed to be their last tour. At least in this line-up. Hardcore fans must have read the news about Mike Love refusing to tour with Brian, Al and David anymore. Sadly, their endless summer had hit the end. If you were there on The Beach Boys Reunion Tour with the original Beach Boys, I’d say that you are the chosen one.

I believe that I am and I will be forever grateful for that.

Summer’s Gone

I WAS HOLDING THE SETLIST! How often does it happen?

(The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour, August 22nd 2012, Singapore Indoor Stadium)


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  1. so nice to see you happy :D

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