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The day before I got hospitalized, I received a package from wondershoe. I’ve actually lost count on how many pairs of Wondershoe I have. I think it might be up to fifteen pairs, not counting the ones I got for my Mum and my sister. My love for Wondershoe had grown back then when I was still teaching preschool. I needed shoes that were comfortable for both indoor and outdoor activity. Wondershoe offered both of that, plus they were gorgeous! After teaching preschool, I switched to a job that required me to travel and guess what, Wondershoe did the magic again. Because they are comfortable, good-looking, light and easy to pack, I’ve always brought at least two pairs when I travel. My Wondershoe had gone through various seasons. The rainy season in Taipei, summer in China, even horrible winter in Australia. I went to various places wearing them, to concerts, to parties, anywhere possible and guess what, all of them are still in good condition!

My current go-to shoes are a pair of nude Wondershoe foldies. I honestly think every woman should own at least a pair. All women in my household do. Haha. I was about to order a pair of denim foldies then I saw this baby. You just can’t resist it.


Well, since I don’t know when I will be able to go to work, let’s do something useful like browsing their new collection, shall we? :)

*this is not a sponsored review, just a note from a super happy customer

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