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fell out of love. fell in love. still in love. always in love.
met new friends. lost some friends. not insane yet.
went places. took photos. wrote stories. still here.
met Marisa in person. MET MARISA IN PERSON.
NKOTBSB reunion. No Kevin. Still great.
The Beach Boys trip. A quick visit to heaven. Come on, it’s Beach Boys.
new house. new loan.
bigger tummy. wider smile. food makes me happy. digital scale is evil.
blog. new blogs. for now they are just some digital trash. for now. forever. same thing.
cut hair short. bye-bye four years just like that.
penguins and dragons are the best. failed to master dothraki.
khaleesi is the word of 2012. @dedalvs replied my tweet.
brenebon is the ultimate comfort food of 2012.
I hope I can sleep for 15 hours this weekend.

Happy new year.


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