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In our office building, we only have one public toilet on each floor. There are four cubicles in each toilet. Three of them are squat toilets and the other one is a sitting toilet. The toilet seat on our floor is made out of plastic and sadly, it has a crack on it.

I hate that crack because every time I get up after finishing my business,  I could feel it biting my butt and it hurts a lot. Since I don’t have many options and am
too lazy to go downstairs or upstairs, I still use that toilet.
After months, my body had somehow  developed a warning system. Every time I’m about to finish my thing, my brain would tell me, “Here comes the pain in 3..2..1..” I noticed that the warning system is automatically activated every time I use any seating toilet. Even the ones that made out fancy materials.

It’s a lot like falling in love, don’t you think? Sometimes your brain tells you that it will hurt. But you just have that urge to fall.

And it doesn’t always hurt you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. happy valentine’s day cicipo. miss you! *smooch*

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