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I’m currently attending a 10-day course on “Karma”. Most people I’ve met have this basic idea that Karma is a punishment that you deserve. Probably because of the famous phrase, “What goes around, comes around.” People tend to forget that it goes both way, good and bad. Well, I’m only on my 3rd day and things had started to get quite technical. Apparently it’s not as easy as what you sow is what you reap. There are also certain conditions that effects the end result. 

It’s only my second year since I started learning the philosophy of Buddhism. I’ve got to admit that it was a lot easier when I still believed that there’s one big guy up there who controls everything. But when I hit some low points of my life when I had nothing or no one to count on, that nothing had miraculously worked, I realized that I was my own god. Life’s got better since then. It gets much simpler. I’ve stopped asking endless “Why me?” and “Why not me?” questions. I started acknowledging things that happen in my life, I experience the feelings that comes may it be happy or sad feelings, I remind myself that whatever they are, they are not permanent, I let go and move on. It hasn’t easy because I used to ‘blame’ the big guy up there and now it’s all up to me. 

The Bhante (Theravada Buddhist monk) would usually ask the class, “You guys sure you still wanna be a Buddhist? Nothing would save you but yourself.” I’ve never answered it in class but I’d really like to tell him that it feels nice to live each moment without the fear of the unknown. 



  1. Do we have to be a buddhist to join this kind of class?
    I would love to actually.

    • Engga kok, beth. Terbuka untuk umum. Kalau diadainnya di vihara biasa gratis, cuma ada kotak dana sukarela aja. Kalau event umum biasa beli tiket. Hari minggu ini ada eventnya Ajahn Brahm di Kemayoran. Love the guy, seru hihi.
      Ini linknya kalau berminat.

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