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Had another chance to attend Ajahn Brahm’s talk show again yesterday. It was attended by about 5000 people yesterday. People from different religions too. I know this because I saw some came donning their hijabs. It’s actually a pretty common sight in Buddhism talk show or seminar meditation nowadays. Like I said before, eventually every one wants to achieve a peaceful mind no matter what their religions and beliefs are, and Buddhism or Dhamma values often offer that.

Anyway, one of the most common questions came up during yesterday’s talk show. 

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

This is not the exact quote, but Ajahn Brahm answered that, when bad thing happen to really good people, unlike others, they don’t see is as a bad thing. The most suitable simile is like when we step on dog poo. We would get angry and quickly scrape it off our shoes right away, but the good people do it differently. They wait until they get home, where they have a mango tree in their yard. They’d scrape the dog poo on the root of their mango tree and they’d enjoy the sweet and juicy mangoes when the season comes. 

Makes you think, huh?



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  1. i love this way of thinking, helps me every time… especially when something happens to me where I have no control over

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