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Since you happened, I have stopped assigning a specific ring tone for anyone else. I set a simple beep tone for you because I wanted it to be discreet when you contacted me. I didn’t want the whole world to know. I treated it as our secret. A beep that was only a second long, but in that second, you were the only thing in my mind. No one else. Nothing else. 

Even when everything fell apart between us, I didn’t change the setting of my phone alert. It stays the same even until now. A beep for you and another random tune for every one else. I don’t hear that beep from my phone anymore. You’ve never called. You’ve never texted. Every time I hear that beep, I rushed to check the screen of my phone, but it was never you. Turns out that it came from other people’s phones. In a narrow elevators or lonely bus rides, the sound of the beep echoes louder. No matter how loud it becomes, it’s never you anymore. 

But my stupid heart just can’t get used to it. 


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