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Big things do happen to you when you hit 27.

Meet my two babies.


Her name is Keira. She is now 2,5 m.o. You can read about her here.


A compilation of short stories by 13 female writers. I wouldn’t call myself a writer yet, but you can find a short story that I wrote in that book. This is my first attempt in writing fiction in Indonesian. It was really challenging. :D

Oops, one of the babies is crying. Go figure out which one :p. Smell ya later. Toodles!



  1. Congrats, Ste!
    A mom, a writer, who knows what you’ll be next?

    • Thank you! You warned me, mpal. I remember that DMs you sent me on my 27th birthday morning. :D

  2. Proud of you neng sayang! Congratulatiooons! :* I will buy the book today! :D

  3. :)

  4. congratulations! Keira is so adorable!!! (beware, i’m a baby stalker. :p)

    • Thank you! You can find more of her pics in my instagram @konnyaku. I feel like being punished for uploading too many pictures. :D

      • aaakkk, udh liat barusan… baru bisa liat selama 2 menit karna udh keburu kram perut saking gemesnyaaaaaa (ask my sister how i would behave when i see a cute baby/dog… then you’ll know what i mean!).

  5. Selamat ya, Ste.. Nggak sabar pingin baca! (Dan tentunya ketemu Kei lagi.)

    • Thanks, la. PSB beneran ga bisa ya? :( Really wish you can make it.

      • Nggak bisa, Ste. Udah rela, kok. Hehe. Have fun ya! :)

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