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I am officially the biggest cry-baby in da house! Yes, even with the baby in the house. LOL. I just realized a few days ago that I’ve completely lost my social skill. How did I realize this? Well, I just managed to watch the second season of The Newsroom. After a few episodes, the voices that I hear in my head became the characters’ voices! Oh, a quick recap, these few months, I’ve encountered some problems that I can’t really discuss with anyone else. So I cloned myself in my head and I talked to my clones. Since they were my clones, they looked and sounded like me. (duh!) Anyway, after I’ve finished watching a few episodes of Newsroom, my clones changed into the characters! So in my head, I talk to them. If this doesn’t sound crazy enough …

I now talk to them on regular basis. They are always in my head!

How do I put this? Well, previously I only talked to them when I needed to vent, but now I converse with them. (Right now, Sloan is reminding me about conducting three read teams meeting before I post something on the Internet, especially something that doesn’t sound normal at all, like this.) They are kinda noisy but at times they are really funny. If you’ve ever seen me laughing out of nowhere, well, Charlie is being funny in my head. Blame him!

I think I need to go out and meet real people soon. What do you think, Jim?


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  1. aight, let’s catch up next week :D

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