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You will never forget the almosts.

The first time you looked at him and almost dropped all your stuff.

The courage you’ve mustered up to almost speak to him for the first time.

The silly dance you almost did when he asked if you wanted to grab dinner together sometimes.

The hand that was trembling hard because it almost touched his.

The first kiss that almost happened when he walked you to the door that night. (None of you expected your dad would suddenly open the door.)

The moment of silliness when you thought that this will always last forever but it doesn’t. Then you tell yourself, “Almost always.”

That’s why you always remember all the almosts.

Well, at least almost all.



  1. i’m the almost always girl… almost, but nothing further ever happened

  2. Oh, wow. Love it! Can I share? Hahaha.

    • Really? Wow, thanks. I’d be honored if you wanna share it, sa. :D

  3. nyet ah! *kesel

  4. kesel bgt.

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