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Had the coolest dream a few days ago.

Somewhere in the future, mankind manages to recreate dragons by some kind of DNA manipulation. The dragons are tamed but the process doesn’t always go smoothly. There are chances that things might go wrong and the dragon you get won’t obey your command and go berserk.

That is why there is a team to handle that. Some kind of dragon whisperer. When there’s a dragon problem, they will handle it. They will catch the dragon and rehab them. In the dream, I was part of the team. A newbie that just went through one hell of job interview and endless trainings to get this job.

Dragons come in different kinds and sizes. On my first day, I got one of the biggest. Its head was bigger than my whole body. And guess what? It was my neighbor’s dragon! I had to grab my training armor (Because it was early in the morning and I hadn’t got the chance to get my fully equipped armor from the office yet.)

Anyway, I managed to control the dragon even though I couldn’t save his roof. Kei was watching me doing my job and the last thing I said before I woke up was, “Kei, go finish your breakfast. We are running late.”

Probably the best dream ever.


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  1. wow, cool dream! if only there’s a dream recorder machine that we could use to re-live the dreams over and over again, haha. :D

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