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Ruby Sparks was a special movie for me. I was pregnant when I watched it and I almost changed if not incorporate the name ‘Ruby’ to my daughter’s name. (But I love Arya Stark more, I’m sorry, Ruby). A few days ago, Marisa told me to watch it, and I said I did and I loved it. And we went hysterical about it for a few minutes on Whatsapp. Anyway, earlier today she sent me this link of an artwork that she had made.Ruby Sparks_Visual_ (1)

Which I immediately claimed as my birthday present. Woohoo!

Speaking of presents, you should go check out Marisa and Anto’s Pingu on Mars project. They collaborated in making visual art inspired by literally anything. Like Meggi Z for an instance haha. In my opinion, this would be a great present for almost any occassion, birthdays, housewarmings, well basically any event. Go check PinguonMars if your loved one’s special occassion is coming soon.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna find the perfect place to hang this artwork. :D

One Comment

  1. hahaha thank youuuuuu nyet!!!

    btw kayaknya ntar nama anak gue Ruby dehh *mudah terpengaruh film*

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