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Blog posts related to the theme K chose for her 2nd birthday party.

I need to finish the preschool trial review on my other blog.

Caught in The Act’s Let This Love Begin always puts a smile on my face. Do you remember that song?

I didn’t plan to throw a birthday party for K this year but things got escalated quickly. A month away and no plan where to have it.

I find myself missing K’s smell when she was a baby and hasn’t eaten solid food. I even dreamt about that smell.

Extra income would be good now that K has already started school. Some writing jobs would be ideal. Should I start an online shop?

My current project with M would be a great success.

White shirt with blue stripes.

My baby is enjoying her time in Waterbom.

More time to work with that aforementioned project.

Get a new glasses. Scotch tape doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t know why do I feel sleepy all the time lately. I’ve been ditching stuff just to sleep/

Pinterest. Karaspartyideas. Allrecipes.

The Sunday Currently was originally from siddathornton which was then adopted by Carina Santos. I followed kurisutaberu’s format.

(Published a day after Sunday because my laptop crashed.)

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