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Silver Spoon
It’s a Japanese comic book that sets in a agricultural junior high school. It’s really interesting. I was up until 3 a.m. because I just couldn’t stop reading.

Tried to write short poetry. Being a romantic, I’m kind of upset that people quickly dismissed love tragedy stories/poems as ‘galau’.

Do Your Ears Hang Low? From Barney’s Sing and Dance. I’ve watched this episode like five times over the weekend.

I think I’ve been duped by an online shop. It was about 400K. I’m really upset because I purchased from the shop because it looked like they were just starting and I wanted to give them a chance. I didn’t doubt them at all but when the shoes I bought did not arrive, I checked my Line and the ID is gone. Their Instagram account was deleted too.

Pak Tonny’s massage oil. It smells like lemon extract and he said he made it by himself.

More money.

The contractor would give us discount on the renovation fee.

The Beatles shirt from Cotton On.

GoFood free delivery promotion.

More money. Because GoFood totally ruined my cash flow.

More and more and more money.

I don’t know why do I feel sleepy all the time lately. I’ve been ditching stuff just to sleep. (Same as last week and two weeks ago.)



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