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You stared at the road.
I stole glances at your hands steadily gripping the steering wheel.
I’d like to think that you were doing the same thing as I did in my head.
Rearranging words into sentences that would not sound inane.
Scouring our lexicon bit by bit.
But I guess we were both bad at it.
Except the quick “Hey!” twenty two minutes ago, we have said nothing to each other.
And now that I think about it, the greeting was not that enthusiastic.
It didn’t need an exclamation mark at all.

That night, we’ve spent eighty-seven minutes together.
I blurted out two questions.
“Do you still read Naruto?”
(You told me that you’ve stopped buying the comic because it’s been going on for too long. I agreed with you and do you know that after you died I haven’t touched the comic book again?)
“Is there a lot of hidden traffic cameras in Taipei’s highway?”
(Like I even cared about those damn cameras. You answered anyway. You told me that they were everywhere.
The conversation took two minutes.
So we spent the remaining eighty-five minutes in silence.

I kept count.
It wasn’t like I had anything to do besides stealing glances at your hands.


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