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Survived my first week of slow carb diet! I chose the strict program and it was hell! The catering service warned me that I’m gonna be eating practically the same food for the whole month, only prepared or cooked differently. I said, “Challenge accepted!” I mean, I once ate ketoprak and pecel ayam every day for like a whole month. I don’t get bored easily. I can do this! But apparently, eating the same assigned food is totally different from eating ketoprak and pecel ayam every day. (Ya think!) I actually felt fine on the first two days, but on the 3rd and 4th day, the sugar craving kicked really hard. I had to cave in to a cup of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar. I don’t know if it’s true but the lack of carbs and sugar made me a little slow. I have to read the same sentences at least twice to understand it. Probably, that’s just me. The food from the catering service is really good. One of the reasons I chose it was because they cook Indonesian food. So I really get the spicy kick from ayam balado and ikan bakar sambal matah. The owners are very nice people too. They check on me via WhatsApp and ask how I’m doing and if the food is satisfactory.

My first cheat day fell on a long weekend, so we went to Puncak. I was really frustrated about this because I had been imagining all the food I was gonna buy. I was planning to drink my bubble tea with two straws! Instead, I got stuck in the middle of mountains with a very very bad reception. :( The only thing I could do was to bring some instant noodles and snacks I really liked.

Even though I only slept at 3 a.m. on Saturday night, I woke up at 7 to start my cheat day early. I had grapefruit juice and egg white omelette for breakfast and gobbled down the whole pack of cheese ramen at 9 a.m. Everything felt good until I reached out for my favorites snacks, Astor and Chitato. I only manage to eat like 4 pieces from the whole giant bag. I had a crazy headache developing as I munched on the chips. So I took a break, made a cup of black coffee and moved on to Astor. I usually ate the biggest pack of Astor on one sitting all by myself. That day, I only managed to eat like a quarter of it and my headache was getting worse and I felt like I was gonna throw up all day.

Do you think my body started to resist the crappy stuff? I spent the rest of the cheat day with green tea and neglected all he other snacks I brought. On Monday, we were still stuck in Puncak. I planned to fast initally but gave up around 3 p.m. I had a corn on the cob and a cup of steamed shrimp that day. Technically, corn is a no-no, but I was just too hungry to care. Besides, I had enough eggs for the week.

So on the first week, I’ve lost 3 kgs and gained 1 kg after the cheat day. Let’s see if I’m gonna do better next week. Wish me luck!



  1. The first I heard slow crab and eat the same food foe one month?.wooowww Salute to u.
    Btw I cheated too when I had diet mayo 2 months ago

    • Hi, Joeyz! Setiap minggu masakannya berubah tapi tetap ayam dan ikan sih. Misalnya minggu lalu kan ayam balado dan ikan sambal matah. Minggu ini ayam betutu dan pepes ikan. Mudah-mudah ga menyerah sampe programnya kelar ya. :D

      • Oh I see… hebat kamu. Semangat Ya Ste! Pasti bisa!!!!

  2. Huwaw! Hebat 3 kgs in one week! Aku kayanya belum turun hahaha … Belum nimbang lagi X)

    • Anu tapi td pagi timbang kok balik berat semula ya. Padahal ga cheat kok kemaren. T^T

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