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Last week, the guy asked why I don’t write anymore these days. For someone who never actually read anything I have written (years ago), he’s pretty observant. I just told him that words don’t come easily to me anymore right now. They even feel foreign.

Being somewhat annoyed at his question, I told myself to start writing a little something every day. Just one or two lines. No matter how corny they would be. Again, he didn’t know about this.

Yesterday was the 5th day. I was tired. I was out of words. I was uninspired. I decided to give up writing. Just like that.

This morning, he suddenly told me to turn on my laptop and start to write something. It shouldn’t be that hard. It’s only hard because you think it’s hard.. (and another 10 minutes of recycled pep talk.)

So, I started to write this. Is it a beginning or an end? I don’t know yet.


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