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  • stella.
  • almost 30.
  • not really nice but pleasant.
  • love making list in bullet points randomly.
  • melancholic.
  • phlegmatic.
  • cry easily during movies, listening to songs and over books.
  • ideal date would be cuddling in front of tv with stack of dvds.
  • ideal past time activity alone, would be cuddling my bolster in front of tv with stack of dvds.
  • once believed I’d stayed single forever.
  • once lost faith in religion and found karma.
  • trying to make constant communication with the universe.
  • also an avid micro blogger.
  • take a lot of pictures, mostly food.
  • a negative person among positive people
  • a positive person among negative people
  • radiohead and chuck palahniuk are the lethal combination that i enjoy the most.
  • love kids (not in a pedophile way)
  • love keira knightley (in a totally gay way)
  • been married the same guy for almost 3 years.
  • I’ll talk to you if you like dogs.

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