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I have this weakness of trying new face cleansers. I think this year alone, I have tried like 2 or 3 brands. But too bad, the last one I used made my skin really dry and since then, I’ve been using my daughter’s baby soap to clean my face. It was okay at first but after a few weeks, my skin got oilier and I started to get pimples! Since I don’t use too much make up (only moisturizer, sunblock and powder), I never bothered to use make-up remover, but I guess baby soap doesn’t really clean thoroughly. 

I was contemplating to try another fave cleanser when I came across Cetaphil. I got interested in their soap and fragrance free properties. Since my skin wasn’t in the ideal condition, I figure that this type of gentle cleanser is suitable for my condition. 

The moisturizing effect was visible after the first use. Usually my face would feel so dry and tight after using face cleanser but after using Cetaphil Skin Cleanser, my skin felt moist, soft and supple. I deliberately didn’t use my night cream that night and when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel any dryness on my face at all. 
This is my 10th day of using it, the dry spots on my nose had subsided and my pimples are gone. I guess this one is a keeper. 

Have you tried Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or their other products? You can check it out here on their website. Do share your Cetaphil Experience!